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wv_modding's Journal

Wizdomic Valor ;; Modding
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  • wv_modding@livejournal.com

wizdomic_valor ;; wv_logging ;; wv_modding ;; wv_npc ;; wv_ooc

W V M O D D I N G:

This is the Moderator journal for wizdomic_valor. Be sure to have this journal added. It will be used for things such as:

- announcements
- roleplay updates
- player updates
- activity checks
- other important information

T H E M O D S:

Need to get brief bios for us, Mikayla. >_>

C O N T A C T:

To contact the mods you may e-mail them or AIM them. We're just about always available.

MOD: rikuxsora
AIM: RikuxSoraForever
E-MAIL: RikuxSoraForever@aol.com
MOD: meiko_matsui
AIM: Cetranflowergirl
E-MAIL: lonelyflowergiver@hotmail.com

Images in banner are from cosplay events that the mods were in. Yes, they are real pictures of the mods. I know, we're awesome.